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The basic streaming service is provided by Pelinor free of charge exclusively for clients of our showreel editing service.

Since we don't charge you, we have to limit the size and quality of the video to keep our hosting costs down.

You may upgrade your video for a small annual fee, which we've tried to keep as low as possible:

Upgrade Options

Pricing options are modular so that you don't have to pay for functions you don't want, but the video upgrade is required to use any of the other options - tick a box to start.

» video upgrade (£6 per year)
Your video up to 330% higher quality and up to 60% larger, also playable on the maximum number of devices - using HTML5 video, Flash or Quicktime depending on compatibility (supported on iPads, iPhones etc.). See the example here. You can also use either the domain ps1.tv or reels.org.uk if you prefer.

» remove branding (£1 per year)
Remove all Pelinor branding from your page (i.e. the banners are the top and bottom).

» download your reel (£2 per year)
Allow visitors to download your showreel to their computer.

Click to see an example showreel with higher quality, more compatible video.

If there's an option you'd like to see that isn't covered, please contact us.

Usage is subject to a fair use policy. We will always try to keep prices as low as possible, but we may be forced to amend pricing over time.

The free video is delivered using Flash and HTML5 video and may not be playable on iDevices that do not fully support it (iPads, iPhones etc.). You may upgrade to a system that uses Quicktime as well for maximum compatibility.

We can't guarantee the availability of your showreel. Video that hasn't been updated since 2008 and was previously hosted on Google Video may no longer be available.

We never publish your streaming showreel address online.

Please contact us with any questions.

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